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Yes, Please

November 21, 2012 Leave a comment

That is all.

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On UE3 and Unity

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

If you haven’t heard already, there have been some exciting events for game developers lately, specifically the new accessibility and usability of the Unreal Engine 3 and Unity engine that have been getting a lot of attention. From what I’ve read, the general thought among developers and those reporting on the topic, is that it will be a boon, a brand new opportunity for the general of mass of game makers. And so it would seem, but exactly what effects will it have on independent developers as a group?

There are a few things that I wonder about, and I’d like to hear your thoughts too. First, while the Unreal Engine 3 is undoubtedly a powerful and excellent engine, how easy is it for the typical indie team (or even lone developer) to make something of quality with it? It’s a monster of an engine, and to benefit from anywhere near all of its many facets would take a sizable team. Teams like that do exist, but they’re usually already working on big projects on heavyweight engines. More commonly in the independent game development world, teams are small, or even single people. Secondly, independent developers that are serious enough to make quality games have used the Unity engine before. Will it be a big jump for independent development, or just something that people tinker around with because it’s there?

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely see value in both of these engines’ new statuses. At the very least, it will open some new doors for serious developers, and be another learning tool for beginners. Please leave your comments.

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