Vengeance r2

Vengeance r2 is a Quake engine modification I worked on for a few years, early on in my learning of programming and graphics technology. Through tinkering around with this project, I developed my skills significantly in the areas of OpenGL and C. A number of developers from the online Quake modding community, including DrLabman and Black (aka BlackHC), contributed heavily to the project. The project also included a QuakeC and content modification portion which added new single player and deathmatch levels, altered and improved the game balance and AI, and added bots (Frikbots) for multiplayer.

Engine Features:

  • Enhanced, scriptable Particle System
  • GLSL Per-pixel lighting
  • Improved file format support, including MD2, MD3, Half-Life BSP, PK3, .tga, .jpg
  • Reflective Water
  • Skyboxes
  • Light Blooms
  • … and more


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