TAWS Series

TAWS is an acronym for “Text Adventure Without Swords.” This is a series of small text adventure games that I create from time to time, usually when I am either bored, or interested in trying a new gameplay element or design, or both. As the title suggests, these games are text-based, and have no swords in them, as of yet.

TAWS Volume 7:
The seventh TAWS volume is a top-down shooter rendered in real time using the PDCurses library. The player attempts to survive increasing numbers of enemies, and take them out with semi-slow-moving projectiles for points.

TAWS Volume 7 for Windows (.zip w/ source)

TAWS Volume 6:
The sixth volume of the TAWS series was designed as a Towlr game. It is very mysterious.

TAWS Volume 6 for Windows (.zip, w/ source)

TAWS Volume 5:
The fifth TAWS challenges the player to type semi-random sequences of letters as fast as he can. Scoring is based on the length of the word the player needs to write, as well as how fast the player wrote it.

TAWS Volume 5 for Windows (.zip)

TAWS Volume 5 Source Code (Public Domain) (.zip)

TAWS Volume 4:
The fourth volume of TAWS is basically just the third volume, but network-enabled, using a client-server networking setup. The gameplay is the same, and the starting game configuration can be changed on the server before the game has begun by typing the option to be changed, then a value (ex: “heal 0.75” or “armor 2”).

TAWS Volume 4 Client for Windows ( Last updated 2/1/08 )

TAWS Volume 4 Server for Windows ( Last updated 1/29/08 )

TAWS Volume 4 Source Code (Public Domain) (.tar.gz)

TAWS Volume 3:
The third TAWS volume was created in about fifty-five minutes (55m). TAWS Volume 3 is the first TAWS multiplayer game, and its object is to eliminate the other players. The game is turn-based strategy, and while very simple, ends up being a fair amount of fun. The beginning setup is variable, including the number of players and their attributes. Each turn has two parts, one of which allows the player to bolster himself, and the other for attacking another enemy. As you can imagine, this game gets even more fun with more than two players, because temporary alliances begin to form. Saving and loading of games is supported, so if a game gets a bit lengthy, the players are free to put it down and come back right where they left off.

TAWS Volume 3

TAWS Volume 3 for Windows

TAWS Volume 3 Source Code (Public Domain) (.tar.gz)

TAWS Volume 2:
The second TAWS game was created in one hour and twelve minutes (1:12). TAWS Volume 2 challenges the player to quickly determine a path from the starting point to the finishing point, avoiding mines and the edge of the play area. This is done by typing a sequence of corresponding numbers on the numpad. The player is awarded score for each completed sequence. The score awarded is affected by the length of the path taken, as well as the time to enter it. A penalty is imposed for failing to reach the finish. The player’s final score is compared to his previous one and, if greater, saved as his new high score.

TAWS Volume 2 Screenshot

TAWS Volume 2 for Windows

TAWS Volume 2 Source Code (Public Domain) (.tar.gz)

TAWS Volume 1:
The very first TAWS game was created in approximately one hour and twenty five minutes (1:25). The object of this game is to accumulate wealth by buying goods when the price is low, and selling them when the price is high. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of credits, you are awarded with a “star.” If desired, the player is able to save his current game and continue it later on.

TAWS Volume 1 Screenshot

TAWS Volume 1 for Windows

TAWS Volume 1 Source Code (Public Domain) (.tar.gz)

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