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Big Announcements!

I should apologize for the relative lack of updates this past March. I’ve been really busy looking after not one, but two big projects, each of which should be appearing in full in the coming months. I’m already certain you want to hear about them, and because you asked so nicely, I’ll tell you.

Musagi: Conflict Crescendo

Musagi: Conflict Crescendo is a collaboration project between myself and DrPetter, whom I met through the Ludum Dare community. He is the creator of Musagi, a popular tool for creating music. The tune creation and mixing technology behind this application, in combination with my own 3D engine Scorch Marks, will power the musical action of our daring, fast-paced third-person shooter, Musagi: Conflict Crescendo. The musical accompaniment is created in real time to match the action that you create, and can be exported when you’re done. Run and gun your way through 25 levels of intrigue and cunning enemies, making fabulous 8-bit musical masterpieces as you go! And if that’s not exciting enough, you should maybe wait to pass judgment until you’ve read the entire post!

RainSaver: The Movie is an independent movie project that aims to capture the excitement and poignant imagery of my classic screen saver application and bring it to the big screen. There was some worry about how the original work would translate into a motion picture. Here is a quote from the lead writer that addresses that:

At first we were a little apprehensive about the relatively abstract nature of [RainSaver], and how that might look in a feature-length film. We explored a number of interpretations and plot designs, finally settling on one that we feel explores the environment in which we live, and how subtly distorting it can spark creativity and allow us to see things in fascinating new ways… I’m really excited to show everyone [because] it’s really coming together.

The main people involved (myself included) have agreed to keep most of the details to ourselves, but I at least wanted to let everyone know that this truly creative project was underway.

I guess these projects are a little different than what I’ve worked on in the past, so I’m eager to hear your feedback. If you have some, leave a comment!

Note: This is an April Fool’s joke. I hope you enjoyed it!

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