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Mods To Watch: Quake Never Died

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What’s that you say? Quake is over 15 years old? Of course it is, and that’s given developers plenty of time to update and improve on one of the most classic and mod-friendly games around… and improve it they have.

DarkPlaces for Quake
DarkPlaces is the premiere Quake modification of today, with changes to the game code as well as an engine update that is continually improved and rivals modern engines. I’m serious: realtime lighting, shadow maps, improved networking code, updated model and level format support, decals, bump mapping, HDR, and even stereoscopic 3D built right in. The list goes on. While DarkPlaces itself does not include high resolution texture or model replacements for Quake media, it will still change your Quake experience in a big way, and that’s without additional content…

DarkPlaces with some additional content

There exist content packs which build on DarkPlaces by giving it all the additional content and goodies it needs to really shine. This supplemental data can enable even more features of DarkPlaces, like reflective water, or update the look and feel of Quake with high resolution textures, model replacements, or audio upgrades. Here are some of my favorites:

So dust off those copies of id software’s Quake, because there’s an active community of developers still working off this classic game as a base for some pretty cool stuff. If you want to learn more about other mods and the Quake modding community, a good place to look is Inside3D.com.

If you’ve got thoughts on Quake, the mods, or the community, let us know in the comments!

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