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Inversion looks like wall-walking fun

Inversion is a third-person shooter coming soon from Namco Bandai. The main twist of the game is that combatants, including the player, get to manipulate gravity in a number of ways during a firefight. This includes low gravity, high gravity, and modifying the direction of gravity, allowing people to walk on walls and ceilings. At first, it’s definitely reminiscent of Gears of War, but with a little patience you will see that it’s so much more than that. It seems a lot like some combination of Gears of War and VVVVVV, which sounds like a great time. Destructible environments are also a plus here. This definitely looks like a title to keep an eye on. Watch the E3 footage video below to see more:

What are your thoughts on Inversion? Let us know in the comments!

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