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Team Fortress 2 Goes Free

As part of The Über Update, Team Fortress 2 is now free to play. Yep, those who have never played before can now jump in and enjoy the cartoony shooter free of charge on Steam. Not just for a weekend or some silliness like that – forever. Those who spend any money on the game by way of having purchased it or purchasing something in the Mann Co. Store will be entitled to a Premium account, as opposed to the Free account. Premium users receive a few extra perks, like a larger backpack and more crafting and trading privileges, but everything else is just as it was. Tell your friends, push some carts, and capture some intel!

It’s almost worth another news item to mention that, also part of the latest update, the long awaited “Meet the Medic” video is now available, showing off the Medic’s invaluable contributions to the team. To see the video and to check out the latest and greatest additions to the game, check out the update! For your convenience, I have also embedded the video after the jump. Enjoy!

What’s your take on Team Fortress 2, the update, the video, and the newly discovered cost-free play? Let us know in the comments!

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