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Gameplay Time Value – Analysis

About three weeks ago, I posted a poll asking how much gameplay value that people expected out of a $15 game in terms of time. Here is a little bit of interesting data and analysis about the feedback:

  • At the time of this writing, there have been 38 responses to the poll.
  • According to the poll, the average minimum gameplay time is approximately 5.53 hours.
  • Based on this number, the average value of gameplay among those who responded is about $2.71 / hour.
  • This suggests that those games which live up to gamers’ expectations are a more cost effective form of entertainment than going to the movies, which come in around $4 / hour.
  • By this ratio ($2.71 / hour), it would not be unreasonable for gamers to expect a brand new, $60 video game to provide a little over 22 hours of fun. Many games can often live up to this number – titles with an expansive universe like Mass Effect 2, or with an addictive multiplayer component, are likely candidates.
Comments? Questions? Is this similar to your standards, or do you like to trade a little quantity for quality? Leave a comment!
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  1. Sakar
    May 15, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Sounds about right for most games I buy. However, some games I’m willing to pay $50/60 if it is a high quality or looks very unique and fun (Portal 2, Mirror’s Edge, etc.)

  1. November 17, 2011 at 1:46 pm

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