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Trailer Roundup

I’ve been finding a lot of terrific looking trailers for independent games over the last several days, and I thought you all might be interested in seeing them too. Let’s start off with the new trailer from Retro Affect for their upcoming puzzle platformer, Snapshot. This is a game that I’ve been following for a while, on account of its light and fun graphic style and unique gameplay elements:

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Next up, we have Hawken, a first-person action game in production by Adhesive Games LTD. I haven’t seen a quality mech game (or a mech game at all, for that matter) in a while. The production quality, especially in 3D art and music, really caught my eye on this one:

Finally, Interstellar Marines is an impressive project in development by Zero Point Software. As the video shows, these guys seem to be pretty excited about and dedicated to what they’re building. Once again, the production quality on this is crazy good, even if the in-progress nature shows through a bit. I’ll be interested to see if they develop some creative gameplay design, or if it’s just a very well done shooter.

I think we have here some pretty good candidates for games to follow, provided you’re interested in the respective genres. Thanks to the TIGSource news page for informing me about the last two.

What’s your impression of these games so far? Let us know in the comments.

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