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Ludum Dare 18 Results

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The voting on the competition entries for Ludum Dare 18 concluded today, with a total of 172 games for the official competition, and 41 for the less strict, non-voting Jam portion. Full results can be found here. The theme for the competition was “Enemies as weapons.”  In a slight departure from my typical Ludum Dare fashion, I decided an a more humorous focus than in previous attempts, eventually ending up with a game I call Bouncing Bellyfloppers. Here are the final results for my game:

Out of 172 Entries – Place (score):
Overall: 34th (3.24 / 5.00)
Audio: 24th (3.05 / 5.00)
Fun: Tied for 31st (3.23 / 5.00)
Humor: Tied for 36th (2.61 / 5.00)
Graphics: 50th (2.95 / 5.00)
Theme: 56th (3.27 / 5.00)
Innovation: Tied for 61st (2.95 / 5.00)
Community: 40th (3.20 / 5.00)

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