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Competitions, ahoy!

Once again, the time has come for the game creating folks of the Internet to test their development prowess by making a game in as little as 48 hours. I am, of course, talking about Ludum Dare. The competition will be taking place online this weekend, from August 20th to the 22nd. This time around, there have been some rule changes and clarifications, including the addition of a separate Ludum Dare Jam, which is much like the concurrent competition, but with relaxed rules and an extra day to polish up your work. For complete details, see the new Rules and Guide. Theme voting is going on now. I hope to participate again this weekend, because it’s always a lot of fun.

For those with a slightly slower development pace, The Game Creators are running the Games for Netbooks competition. The event began several days ago, and is running until the end of September. The rules require the game to be created with either DarkBASIC Professional or Dark GDK. For more information, see the competition website.

Of course, let us not forget the popular PyWeek, the aptly named week long Python game programming challenge. Theme voting is currently underway, and the week of the challenge begins on the 22nd of August. For those of you with an inclination toward Python programming, this looks to be a fun event.

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