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E3 2010 Thoughts

Another E3 has come and gone. The dust has settled, and as usual, quite a bit of material has come out of it. Not nearly all of the content was enough to make me eagerly anticipate it, clinging to my seat to avoid an untimely fall off the edge from all the excitement, but there are a few things that I will be happy to see. Here are just a few points on the content from the expo:

  • High Hopes for Portal 2: As far as I’ve seen, from all the content in the steady flow coming from Valve, I have seen no reason to think that Portal 2 will be less than a glorious mountain of shining awesome. I am a big fan of the original Portal, and chances are good that a longer campaign, more varied environments and cooperative multiplayer will improve on an already great game. My only concerns are that they may not pull off cooperative portal action to its highest potential, and that they don’t do enough to expand and differentiate from the first game. Given how well Portal was constructed, though, I expect Portal 2 to be excellent until I see reason not to.
  • Slimming Down: The XBox 360 Slim is pretty sleek looking, and it’s features are pretty stylish too. Built-in wireless is nice, and a huge hard drive is handy for people that make use of the system’s vast media features. Perhaps the most happy feature, though, is the new physical design with improved cooling, which should cut down on hardware failure quite a bit.
  • Playing Catchup: Is it just me, or is PlayStation Move just trying to catch up to the Wii, and only marginally improving on it?
  • Playing Awesome, Hopefully: Microsoft Kinect (formerly known as Project Natal) however, beats the pants off of both Move and Wii motion tracking, and here’s why: First off, Kinect does not require a controller for each person. Secondly, Kinect tracks your entire body, instead of just your hands, which allows for a lot more than the other systems do. The only major concern here is whether the Kinect’s lag and precision are kept at acceptable levels. If not, making it work for action games will be a huge hurdle – but then, so far it seems to be focused toward the casual gaming crowd anyway.
  • Black Ops: Being the Call of Duty fan that I am, you didn’t expect me to forget about Call of Duty: Black Ops from Treyarch, did you? It looks great, but I don’t know if I’m ready to jump on the bandwagon yet. There’s a lot of potential there, but I haven’t played a lot of games by this particular developer, so I really can’t say. Will they live up to the high standards that Infinity Ward set with the first Modern Warfare? We’ll see.
  • Gears and Reach: Gears of War 3 definitely looks promising. 4-player cooperative Gears? Yes, please. Halo: Reach also has the potential to be great, and I’m curious to see how they pull off space combat, Halo style.
  • Loose Ends: Lots of potential in Super Scribblenauts, FEAR 3, and id software’s Rage.

There was a lot more than this in E3 2010, but these seemed to be the points that stood out the most. There are definitely some great items on the way out, and I’ll definitely be interested to see if the final products live up to the expected hype.

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