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Terrain Tuesday #3

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Since last week’s update, I have utilized my programming skills in order to bring forth updates and features! Basically, I added some new stuff to the terrain editor. First off, I added tooltips when the user hovers over buttons, so that it’s a little easier to know what buttons you’re selecting. Next, I implemented a brush system which lets the user modify the changes he makes to the terrain by a texture, a little like a brush in an image editor. This is very handy for adding fine detail or specific shapes, and users can even make their own brushes and use them in the editor.

I also decided to reorganize my undo system, in part because my method was fairly messy and hard to keep track of, and also because there was a rarely appearing bug where an undo would not happen correctly. Instead of the somewhat strange system where I tried to handle everything in one set of states, I separated it into two stacks, one for undo and one for redo. It didn’t fix the bug, but it definitely improved the organization and readability of the code, and also properly implemented redo in the process. Because it was rare, the bug was a little hard to track down, but I did end up finding it with a little detective work, and then it was fairly obvious. It was easily fixed, basically a typo, and now the system is working nicely.

Now that those issues are taken care of, I can go ahead and work on the texturing capabilities of the editor. I definitely wanted to get the brush system in first, because that will be a big part of the texture editing process. The undo bug being gone is a nice relief too, because I know it would have been nagging me here and there when I went to test something else. If all goes well, I should have some screenshots up before too long, but there is a lot to do to make texturing work. I may also post about other things in the meantime. We’ll see.

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