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Microsoft Tinker Review

Microsoft Tinker is a puzzle game that comes with Windows Vista Ultimate as one of the “Ultimate Extras.” The player is challenged to navigate his way around the board, using combinations of lasers, buttons, blocks, elevators and teleporters to reach his goal before he runs out of energy.

The game appeals to players of all ages, with tutorials to help you learn the various mechanics, and puzzles that start simple but steadily increase in difficulty. It also conveys a fun, old-timey style, with a workshop for a main menu, paper cutouts for level backgrounds, and a robot with silly animations, like dancing a victory dance upon completing a level. The game even allows for custom levels from a downloadable editor to keep up some replay value.

Microsoft Tinker is not terribly groundbreaking, but for what it is, it’s good, puzzle-solving fun. It doesn’t come with all versions of Windows Vista, but I will say that they have come a long way since Freecell.

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