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Orb-7 v1.2

UPDATE: For those who ran into a crash bug, that bug has been fixed as of August 21, and the .zip package has been updated.

Orb-7 version 1.2 is now available! For the purposes of ease of use and general gameplay joy, this version has recieved a pretty heavy overhaul. That includes a mountain of graphics upgrades, control adjustments and interface improvements, some fixed bugs, and 1v1 multiplayer support. That’s right, players can now play one on one to get to the goal before the other player does, all the while doing whatever can be done to keep the other from doing the same. The new .zip comes with 2 multiplayer levels. There is a level editor built into the game, so I look forward to seeing what creative levels, multiplayer or otherwise, anyone else comes up with. If you make something cool, let me know!

Maybe, in addition to describing the (now more) awesome experience that awaits you, I ought to show you some of the new goods with a screenshot:

You can get the full game package here, or view the Orb-7 page. Have fun!

A more complete list of changes is after the break.

  • Added multiplayer support
  • Enhanced particle effects
  • Added lighting on board
  • Added board preview with skippable countdown
  • Added glows on target and other elements of interest
  • Replaced swirly background with starry galaxy background
  • Improved board and various element textures
  • Menu and interface improvements, including new HUD elements and icons
  • Added mipmapping to eliminate artifacts
  • Added tab completion in console
  • Added keypad support
  • Drastically increased zoom limit
  • Fixed zoom direction on mouse wheel
  • Various other miscellaneous changes
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