Scorch Marks development got a little slow lately, mostly because I was wrestling with Q3BSP patches. Basically, Q3BSP format supports these funky little things called patches, which are basically a set of control points that are used to generate curves at whatever level of detail you want. Rendering wasn’t so difficult, after I got my hands on the information I needed about how they’re stored in the files, but collision detection on these suckers is nasty. There are a few different methods out there for solving that problem, but it’s probably better to just skip collision, and put clips around them in the level editor. I’m told that not even Quake III Arena, the game for which this format was originally developed, would reliably provide collision for more complex patches.

On the upside, though, smooth patches look much improved over blocky edges on things like pipes, arches and so on. I’ll see if I can improve some of my earlier levels with patches, and post a few screenshots soon.

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