Scorch Marks has been getting some more graphics upgrades, including more work with GLSL. It took some time to implement all of the facets that are required to make this work acceptably, but I’m fairly happy with the result so far. This time my efforts with GLSL focused on world and model rendering rather than post-processing. Observe:

Diffuse lighting (regular texture and light colors) and specular highlights (extra shine at certain angles) are in. At least for now, I’m only using specular maps, like I had originally planned. I find that specular maps are reasonably easy to implement on top of regular GLSL diffuse lighting, and they add a lot of detail. In any case, normal maps are a low priority, behind such important additions as gameplay. By the way, since this screenshot was taken, I have made huge progress on that level past the blackness to the right. More on that later on.

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