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Bloomin’ lights

February 27, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Light blooms are an interesting beast. I’m sure you’ve seen them in a lot of games over the past few years: the brightest lights becoming even brighter, and blurring out from the source a little, to impart to the player an impression of glare, as can be witnessed by the natural eye. In addition to a number of styles of bloom, from a slight change to an enormous blur, there are also many methods for implementing it.

I messed around with a few ideas for types of implementations for light blooms in Scorch Marks. I’m sure they could use some tweaking, but I got some good results for a GLSL path and for a fixed-function OpenGL path. I’m still not sure I’ve achieved my end result yet, but I’m reasonably happy with it for now. The GLSL, which gives far more control, is seen below. The bloom is increased a bit for this shot, to more obviously display the effect.

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