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Guitar Hero: World Tour Review

February 6, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Before playing Guitar Hero: World Tour, I had not played any video games of that genre, save for a few quick tries of older games, glimpses which were few and far between. They seemed like a fun idea at the time, but I never got fully into them until recently, when I finally started playing it more consistently. I haven’t played either Rock Band game enough to really judge or compare it, so I will focus on the singular merits of Guitar Hero: World Tour. I like it.

Guitar Hero: World Tour (GH:WT) is the fourth installment of the popular Guitar Hero series, which lets players use custom guitar controllers to rock out as if they played guitar for real. Unlike in the previous games, players can now choose to play any of the four instruments: lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and voice. I have been playing the game only for a mere six weeks, but the game is very easy to learn, and genuinely enthralling to the point where I have already developed keen skills at each of the instruments, some more than others.

The basic gameplay ideas in GH:WT are still mostly the same, which is probably a good thing. There are a number of extra “moves” we’ll call them, to keep you on your toes, such as hammer-ons, open notes on the bass, and so on. The song selection is good, with a great range of songs and types, with a little of everything, from “Sweet Home Alabama” to “Crazy Train” to “What I’ve Done”. Of course, there’s always a bunch of downloadable content to grab, if there isn’t enough in the game to begin with.

There are also features in GH:WT that allow players to create and play their own custom songs, and even upload them for others to download and play. But the best feature of Guitar Hero: World Tour must be that up to four players can play in a band together, simultaneously. That’s when the game gets to be the most fun, as it incorporates teamwork, fun music to rock out to, and if you get a little tired of the instrument you’re playing, you can always switch out with another player in your band. If you don’t have more than one instrument, you can still hop into a game with other people online. In fact, you can even play 4v4 over the internet, though that’s a little hard to arrange unless you have a few players to begin with. Overall, Guitar Hero: World Tour is a great game, and I expect to gather much enjoyment from it for quite some time.

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