More Pleasant

I’ve replaced some of the textures, and added a few graphics enhancements as well. See below:

Rebound Gameplay

There is an actual lighting system, that exists, so that’s a plus. The placeholder ball and target have been replaced with 3D spheres as well. Perhaps the most interesting new development, though, is the support for distance joints. Those are those lines you see connecting various objects on the screen. That’s right, that block just swung down there and whacked that other block right off its stand.

It has been interesting to work with Box2D, and make it all jive with the editor, and the rest of the game in turn. A good portion of my work on Rebound lately has been on the editor, and making it foolproof. I learn something new about Box2D very often, and I like the features it offers. I want to make this game as interesting and fun as possible, so if you have any suggestions for physical factors or support for other Box2D features, feel free to comment.

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