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TAWS Volumes 1-3

January 16, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

As you may have noticed, there is a new page for the TAWS Series under Games. That’s where you can read about the Text Adventure Without Swords games I have made so far. Feel free to give them a try, there are links to Windows executables as well as the source code for each on that page.

Each of the TAWS games have different gameplay mechanics, style, and progression, which I think was a good choice so that I didn’t go over any ground I had already covered, and the games were each fresh. Each of them was an attempt to create a game that had more replay value in measurable time than the working time that it took to actually create the game. I think TAWS Volume 3, coming in at approximately fifty-five minutes, achieves that game, if for no other reason than that a full game simply takes a good chunk of time to play; however, I think people will have no trouble playing it multiple times, taking the total replay time to far greater lengths than the development. I’ve learned what key elements in TAWS Volume 3 let players play it over and over again:

  • Strategy Elements: In any good game, the player is given various options to choose from, to determine his next move. TAWS Volume 3 includes such elements, but keeps the game fairly simple at the same time. This lets the player experiment and even change his strategy in the middle of a game if the need arises.
  • Multiplayer: It’s a multiplayer game, so whenever you play it with someone, the one who comes out defeated in one match will surely change their strategy somehow in an attempt to best the winner in the next one. Not only that, but you can always find a different combination of players to challenge one another.
  • Configuration: TAWS Volume 3 allows the players to configure various gameplay elements upon creation of a new game. Thus, the number of games that could be played, each different from the previous ones, still being an enjoyable experience, is very large.

In addition to being good practice and a great learning experience, I hope some people will enjoy playing these games too.

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