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Let’s play that some more

Happy New Year, everybody! Best wishes for the new year!

I’ve really gone and done it now. I’ve set a fun goal for myself. The goal is to create a game that has a greater replay value than the time it takes to create it. That is, the time it can be played before putting it away and not touching it again for several months is greater than the time it took to put it together (not including the design process). I figure it will be an exercise in speedy programming as well as creative design.

I thought of this idea while I was starting to program TAWS, that little text-based game I posted about recently. In fact, that was my first attempt. The total creation time came in at something like an hour and twenty five minutes (1:25), and I’m afraid the replay value doesn’t nearly match it. I blame this on three things:

  1. I didn’t even have that goal in mind when I first set out on it, so I’m fairly certain that the end creation time is not representative of what it would have been, had I really been trying.
  2. The entire creation of the game was on a whim, so I kind of designed it as I went (generally a bad idea). Thus, it took much longer than if I had had specific goals in mind, and worked straight toward them.
  3. The whole concept of the game is repetitive, meant as a play-when-you’re-bored sort of game, so it is generally only played for several minutes at a time. This is not going to suck anyone in to the point where they lose track of any time.

I have some ideas brewing. If all goes well, I’ll post some results here. If you would like to try this yourself, feel free to comment here, and let me know how your project is coming along. Basically, the rules are that you start either from scratch (which I did with my text-based game), or with a very basic framework (window initialization, basic functions and engine functionality etc). All gameplay and related architecture should be from scratch.  Any additional people working on the project add their working time to the total. For example, if two people work on the project for 5 minutes each, that’s 10 minutes, and if one works for 5 minutes, that’s 5 minutes, and so on. I’m working by myself, so it doesn’t make much difference to me.

Just something I thought would be fun, to kick off the new year.

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