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Rebound ThumbnailWell, having just found out about the Experimental Gameplay Project, I decided to give it a shot, so I made my first EGP in three days. I also wanted to experiment with a 2D physics engine which I had learned about a while previously, called Box2D. So I pulled out a framework, and started to work. The original idea I had for the game was ridiculously simple, and not much fun, so I abandoned it. Instead, I ended up with Rebound, a very simple, odd game, with gameplay like a demented, dynamic version of golf. You can download it from the EGP Page or direct from my webspace.

Basically, you just throw a ball at a target, with obstacles constantly bouncing around the screen, and try to get it there in the least number of shots you can. The most interesting aspect of this game is probably the physics. You can throw the ball and bounce it off the edges of the screen, and/or bounce it off the floating obstacles, and everything reacts accordingly. The rounds are also random, so you can actually keep playing it for several minutes before you start to think, “Well, this is getting old.”

This isn’t that game I mentioned before, by the way. That actually has 3 dimensions. It’s in deep development, and has been for a couple of months – it has actually been coming along very quickly.

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